Thursday, 9 October 2014

I Know Nothing

An interesting parcel dropped through the letter box the other morning. Or it might have done if our postman (called Richard) didn’t bring everything into the office personally – and if his round wasn’t delayed until the afternoon, which it usually is these days.
Anyway, an interesting parcel arrived, care of Richard, who is always very polite and helps us to spread the good word about horseracing at Cartmel. The parcel contained a book entitled Jumping Prospects by one of our regular racegoers, John Morris. John has been writing Jumping Prospects for 23 years: not this particular edition you understand, but a new version for each season. Think of it as Film 2013, Film 2014 (or Film ’84 as I still remember it, being presented by Barry Norman – "and why not?"), but for horseracing enthusiasts.
The big difference is that, as far as I am aware, no one ever got rich from listening to Barry Norman - whereas John Morris offers us write-ups on nearly 500 horses which could be profitable to follow over jumps during the next few months. There are interviews with 21 top racehorse trainers and a short-list of John’s own eye-catchers. Apparently last year’s edition clocked up 100 winners from 340 runners before the end of November.
There is a flash on the back which reads "10p per minute", but I think that relates to an advertisement for a telephone commentary service, not the amount of money that you’ll make by reading the text. The book costs £15 and can be purchased online if you google the title. A few of the many candidates that could be running at Chepstow this weekend include: Emerging Talent, Shelford, Wizards Bridge and my selection – Alan King’s Karezak.
I’ve kept Jumping Prospects next to my bed for the past few nights, together with a book about Etymology by Mark Forsyth. Such is the detail contained in both that I have felt as Voltaire once commented: "The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing"...  Which means that it is a good job that South Lakeland District Council are staging a business networking event at the racecourse on 30th October featuring speakers from all the local universities and colleges.
The event is nattily entitled "Business Skills For Growth – A Higher Education Special" and promises to help local businesses obtain training for existing staff, source the best graduates and generally harness the support of the higher education system. Admission, from 9.15am onwards, is free and refreshments will be provided.
Among the advertised attractions is a live demonstration of three-dimensional printing. Apparently the machine can print all sorts of useful items including replicas of our annual membership badges – which means we’ll be introducing new security measures next year. You have been warned!

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